What Is The Best Android Phone 2018?

So, what is the best Android phone 2018? Well, this is a difficult choice that many biggest manufacturer in the world competes to take the number one spot. So, do you think Apple still take the crown? We think we have a different opinion about it. Here is the short list of best of the best smartphone in the world.

What Is The Best Android Phone 2018?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Best Android Phone 2018

Samsung finally takes the crown of a high-end smartphone with its excellent features including the powerful processor, camera, and battery life. It sounds like a normal phone that we can find on some affordable devices. However, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus offers the best performance compared to another device.
The smartphone brings 189gr weight with 158.1x73.8x8.55mm that sound so normal with a 6.2 inch. However, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus works really smooth with the Android 8 Oreo and Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810. Especially when it is compared with 6GB RAM, this smartphone even perform a better user experience. Almost, the phone has no lags experience with heavy applications. Besides, the storage is so spacious that is available in 64GB/128GB. Then, the battery life is long with its 3,500 mAh. Also, the rear camera is available with 12 MP and 8MP for the front one.

Google Pixel 2 XL
Best Android Phone 2018

The second option, unfortunately, is not for the Apple product, but it is Google's with its Google Pixel 2 XL. The smartphone comes in a lighter weight with 175 gr and 157.9x76.7x7.9mm dimension. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, the smartphone runs the Android 8 with a 6-inch of screen size and 1440x2880 resolution. The CPU comes with the same spec with the Snapdragon 835 but available with smaller RAM, 4GB. Besides, the storage is 64/128GB and it has 3520 mAh battery life. In terms of cameras, the smartphone comes with a 12MP for the rear camera and 8MP for the front one. There is an interesting fact about the Google Pixel 2 XL with its impressive snappers.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro
Best Android Phone 2018

Huawei might sound new to the world of smartphone that they are usually considered as the less expensive device. But who knows that this manufacturer brings the powerful Huawei Mate 10 Pro with its best camera performance of double Rear camera 20 MP and 12 MP, allowing you to capture things and record a video at the same time. For the front camera, Huawei is powered with the 8 MP camera.
In terms of processor, the manufacturer inserts Kirin 970 that is also supported with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. That's a spacious thing by the way for a heavy user. The dimension of the smartphone is 154.2mm x 74.5mm x 7.9mm and a 6-inch size.

LG V30
Best Android Phone 2018

So, another? What is the best android phone 2018? Yap, the LG V30 is confidently moving a step forward by bringing some special features.
Compared to another smartphone LG V30 is the lightest with only 158 gram. The design is handy with the 151.7x75.4x7.4 mm and a 6-inch size. With the 1440x2880 resolution, we can make sure that the smartphone comes with a sharper color and appearance. In terms of CPU, the LG V30 brings the Snapdragon 835 and is powered by the 4GB RAM. For the camera feature, this also has interesting technology with the 16MP and 13 MP rear cameras and a 5MP front camera. In terms of battery life, the LG V30 comes with 3300. Lastly, it has a 64 GB storage.
So, there is an interesting look this year that best devices come from the Android smartphone. Have you experienced one of the best features among those devices?

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