Best Mid Range Phone 2018 To Try for People Who Dream of A Friendly Budget Device

While we might wonder about high-end smartphone, we are now lucky to taste the features in lower budget. So, let's thanks to the manufacturer that they create certain devices which match our budget. Here, we define the best mid range phone 2018 USA round USD200-400 with hardware performance like 4GB RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600. Besides, the screen section of the mid-range smartphone usually comes around 1080p Full HD, and sometimes come with FHD+. The last, the best mid-range smartphone should have a great availability whether you can purchase it online or locally.
So, here are the best mid range phone 2018 USA you can put as a reference.

Best Mid Range Phone 2018  USA According to Gadget Enthusiast

Motorola Moto X4
Best Mid Range Phone 2018

The fourth generation of X series of Motorola has been the crown of the middle range. The X series is the first device to run Android (for US market) and come with excellent features. Besides, the Motorola X comes as the first device that features sport dual cameras. For the non-Android version, Motorola brought the Alexa inside.
However, at first, you might be a little bit disappointed because the Motorola Moto X4 comes with Android 7.0 Nougat. Fortunately, you still can upgrade it to 8.0 Oreo. Meanwhile, this smartphones features Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 with RAM 3 or 4 GB and also 32 or 64 Storage. In terms of display, the Motorola Moto X4 use the regular display that we will find on another device with the 5.2 inches 1920x1080. It has 12 MP main camera and 16 MP secondary Camera with 3,000 battery capacity. If you wish to have it in your pocket, it is priced at $400. 

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018
Best Mid Range Phone 2018

Samsung has a huge variety of smartphones that might surprise you if we looking at the feature. The design always looks excellent and the technology comes to be promising. Just like this Samsung Galaxy A8 that brings the lush Super AMOLED display along with the smooth performance. For people who love bulky devices, this is the best thing ever which runs smoothly in terms of performance.
However, with the $400 to spend, there are some cons to underline here. Even though these smartphones have certain pluses like the dual SIM card, good camera in daylight and sturdy material, this Samsung Galaxy A8 has a bad quality on low-light capture. Besides, it comes with 32 GB internal storage which might be not enough to join all the fun. Also, you might be disappointed for not seeing the Oreo run on board.

Apple iPhone SE
Best Mid Range Phone 2018

Our last recommendation for the best mid range phone 2018 USA now is from Apple device. If you wish to have one of this huge giant devices, then you will feel so lucky to get the Apple iPhone SE in your hand. The price is friendly at just around $350 for getting the 32GB version. Apple brings the super compact look along with a nice performance. With its cheaper price, the manufacturer still tries to satisfy the Apple fan with the 4k video for the camera and a great battery life. The 4G LTE runs smoothly and everything works perfectly as Apple put the A9 chip inside. However, for a huge device fan, the Apple iPhone SE might be a little bit disappointed as it comes with a 4-inch display. But thanks to the technology for making the iOS 11 runs smoothly on the device.
Among all of the best features, yes they are all still the same that Apple doesn't upgrade any feature for the mid-range. Even it has no 3D touch.

So, that’s all our recommendation for best mid range phone 2018 USA that you probably would love to try. Don’t forget to leave us some comments.
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