Best Cheap Smartphone 2018 You Should Not Miss

Smartphone manufacturers are now competing to create the best innovation! Models, technology and even price which many consumers will put it in their first priority when looking for a device. At the same time, consumers still wish the newest technology to help them do all the work. Hence, this article is purposed to everyone who is seeking for a friendly budget smartphone. These are the best cheap smartphone 2018 you should try.

Best Cheap Smartphone 2018 You Expect To Have in Your Pocket

Moto G5
Best Cheap Smartphone 2018

Competing on the low budget smartphone, the Moto G5 is one of the most recommended devices you can try. The quality is close to perfect with some excellent feature to enjoy with its $200 price.
It is arguably good for bringing the 2/3GB RAM model in the market. The smartphone runs Android 7.0 Nougat along with a smooth appearance and smart gesture with its 5.0-inch display with 1080x1920 pixels resolution. For such cheap smartphone that comes with Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon, the Moto G5 is worthy to be in your pocket. The secondary camera has 5 megapixels and the primary is supported with 13 megapixels. There is internal 16/32 GB internal memory. 

Moto G Plus (the 5th Generation)
Best Cheap Smartphone 2018

For you who always have a battery problem, the latest Moto G phone (fifth generation) has the best feature to offer. This smartphone offers all-day battery and its 15 minutes charging feature. Thanks to the Snapdragon 625 CPU which can make the system runs efficiently which allows your smartphone to save some energy. For such cheap smartphone, Moto G Plus is one of the best cheap smartphone 2018 since it has a smooth performance with the 2.0 GHz octa-core processor. However, this phone only brings 2GB RAM, so you cannot expect more for heavy apps. Besides, the 12MP camera still brings all the fun because it has 60% faster autofocus.

Nokia 6
Best Cheap Smartphone 2018

With its decreasing popularity, the Nokia 6 brings 4G LTE speed and a nice look with its 5.5-inch full HD display. Even though competing in the friendly smartphone, Nokia 6 tries to make the fan happy with its 16 MP camera. The smartphone also runs Android 7.1 Nougat and brings HD IPS display that can display images and also a video on your display. The loud sound is excellent and thanks to the Dolby Atmos speaker which has 7.2 W peak output. This smartphone is available with its 32GB memory capacity.

Huawei Honor 6X
Best Cheap Smartphone 2018

The next best cheap smartphone 2018 to see is from the giant Huawei. This Honor 6X brings an impressive camera quality, with 12 MP for primary camera. The primary camera is incredibly better that can capture vivid HD pictures. You can get the best result from both lowlight and daylight.
The design is also excellent that this smartphone has an 8.2 mm size, made from the 2.5D curved glass. It brings the octa-core processor and 3Gb RAM. For you who love capturing moments, this smartphone is the best thing to have.
So, that’s all our recommendation for best cheap smartphone 2018. Which is your favorite?
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