Best Buy Mobile 2018 $200 - $500 in USA with Fantastic Features

To experience high-end smartphone's technology doesn't mean spending hundreds of dollars. Probably people will say the high-end device is always about iPhone, Samsung Galaxy 9 and so on. Otherwise, you can buy these best buy mobile 2018 $200 - $500 in USA with some nice features that are also available in high-tech devices. So, why should spend $950 if you can grab them with $200 only?

Best Buy Mobile 2018 $200 - $500 in USA

Motorola G5 Plus
Best Buy Mobile 2018 $200 - $500 in USA with Fantastic Features

The Motorola G5 Plus always takes the number one recommendation as the best buy mobile 2018 $200-$500 in USA. This smartphone is costed around $200 that functions well almost like the Moto X4. However, the speed lags behind the Moto X4, especially in terms of waterproofing and speed. But if you want to buy a high-end smartphone with a tight budget, this one is the most perfect.
As an upgraded version of Moto G5, the Moto 5GS Plus brings essential features including the 5.5-inch screen and also an 8-megapixel selfie camera. This still brings the dual rear cameras along with the 64GB storage and also a 4G RAM that will make the smartphone has a faster performance.

Refurbished iPhone 7
Best Buy Mobile 2018 $200 - $500 in USA with Fantastic Features

Everyone loves iPhone, admit it or not! People keep admiring iPhone because of its app selection, stability and also the quality of the camera. Only, the problem is this device is too expensive, especially with the fact that the manufacturer limits the device each year. Usually, they only release 2-3 series each year that even make the phone a bit special.
So, here is the news! Now you can buy an iPhone device less than $500. It is a 'certified refurbished' iPhone 7 that you can find on Amazon. Buy the 128GB series with the best retailer that get positive feedback from the customers. Besides, you don't need to be picky about the color.

Essential Phone
Best Buy Mobile 2018 $200 - $500 in USA with Fantastic Features

We can say that this device is a new competitor in the low budget smartphone market. With its $200. the device brings impressive features, especially for the ceramic body. It is stylish and luxurious.
The smartphone brings the Snapdragon 835 processor that is promising to give you the best performance. It also has a dual camera, but it doesn't work as good as we can expect. However, we still can wait for the updated version. The phone is also powered by a 4GB RAM with 3040 mAh battery. Meanwhile, this has 13 MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.
With $500 price, Essential Phone becomes one of the best product to pick this year. However, there are some cons you should consider, that the phone doesn't have a headphone jack and sub-par camera.

Moto Z2 Play
Best Buy Mobile 2018 $200 - $500 in USA with Fantastic Features

There is some good reason why the Moto Z2 Play is included in the best buy mobile 2018 $200 - $500 in the USA. With only $400, the user can get a very good battery life with its 3000 mAh and slimmer design. The design allows the user to add pico projector. The speaker is also excellent that will give a nice experience when listening music. Besides, this Z2 Play is now running Android 7.1 Nougat that works well with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 626. This smartphone also has a 64GB and 4GB RAM with a 12Mp rear camera and a 5MP front camera.
However, some specs might make you uncomfortable with a disappointing as this has a slow time to recharge.

So, that’s all our recommendation for best buy mobile 2018 $200 - $500 in USA with its super friendly budget but comes with a nice look and feature.

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