Best Buy Mobile 2018 $100 - $200 in USA

To experience high-tech device, you don't need to save up some money for iPhone X or Galaxy S9. You even can buy a large screen with its advanced performance even less than $200. The processors are great and the cameras are also improved. Even you can enjoy the newest technology of the Android operating system. So, finding out the best buy mobile 2018 $100-$200 in USA is not that difficult. Today we give you a list of smartphones that you can have with the super tiny budget.

Best Buy Mobile 2018 $100-$200 in USA

Moto G5 Plus
Best Buy Mobile 2018 $100 - $200 in USA

The price is interesting with $184.99 only! You can get this unlocked Android phone that works to all four big U.S carriers. Some interesting features are also available that you might not expect a cheap smartphone. You can enjoy the fingerprint sensor and its premium design, made of metal.
Meanwhile, this Moto G5 Plus brings a 5.2-inch Full-HD display with excellent color. The processor is also nice that you can get the phone with Snapdragon 625, 32GB storage, longer battery life and a super excellent camera with 12MP.
However, if you want to grab the phone, this product is only available for Amazon Prime member only. If you are not a Prime member, you can grab it still with $229.

Honor 7X
Best Buy Mobile 2018 $100 - $200 in USA

There are some reasons why this Honor 7X becomes best to buy mobile 2018 $100-$200 in the USA. First, you only need to spend $200 to enjoy high-tech features with it's 18:9 aspect ratio of a smartphone display. The performance is so solid and the design is excellent with the metal chassis. It seems like the Honor 7X will be your favorite product that you only need to spend third of prices of the high-end smartphones.
However, the smartphone is only available for GSM networks like T-Mobile and AT&T. You can get this product by pre-order it.

ZTE Blade Z Max
Best Buy Mobile 2018 $100 - $200 in USA

Another great option you should try next is the ZTE Blade Z Max that features a 6-inch display. This sounds irrational with the $179, the user can enjoy a 16MP and 2 MP shooters that also bring a feature like bokeh, mode, and monocolor also. The battery is also surprising with its 4,080 mAh that can last for 11.5 hours. You can say that this is the best smartphone, the cheapest one that comes with a longer battery.

Best Buy Mobile 2018 $100 - $200 in USA

The smartphone costs around $199.99 with 6-inch screen size and a 3,990 mAh battery. Since it is an affordable smartphone, the processor sounds to be fair with the Snapdragon 435 type but it performs well. Besides, the camera is interesting with its 13Mp and 5MP and already runs Android 7.1. It is such a nice device to have for tiny budget people.

Moto E4 Plus
Best Buy Mobile 2018 $100 - $200 in USA

This is a 5.5-inch Android phone with a nice battery life that can last up to 14 hours. This smartphone has 427 processor with premium design. Also, the camera is really excellent with its 13-MP camera which allows the user to take an object with colorful result. Moto E4 Plus RAM comes with 2GB capacity with 16GB/32GB storage. In terms of price, you can have the smartphone with only $199.99. Even thought it is not the best product among competitors, but the battery life is unbeatable.
So, that’s all our recommendation for the best buy mobile 2018 $100-$200 in the USA. Keep in mind that cheap devices also have some weaknesses to consider. These recommendations give you an excellent experience of high-tech, but indeed this has some bad things to consider.

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